A last minute exam preparation platform which powers helps 🤯 reduce video size, 📚 summarise blogs and image process handwritten text.

Shorten Video Lectures 🎥

Cut down on your watch time of hours and hours worth of lecture videos on the night before the exam with our awesome video editing tool that processes the lectures to rush by the pauses and focus on the important content only.

Flash Cards for Blog Posts 🖼

Looking through twenty different blogs for that one concept you never really understood and discovering half of your tabs still open on the D-day.Well, we will help you access the best blogs out there with their content encapsulated in flash cards.

Easily available Class Notes 📝

The topper of the class undoubtedly makes the best notes. Now, don't strain your head to comprehend his hurried script. getShitdone will provide to you a precise summary of all these class notes.

How do you process all these resources? 🛠

This web app uses multiple APIs and scripts to curate the best results of all the resources your comrades share with us. The Upvote feature give users the power to choose the best for themselves and helps future users access the best content to avoid wastage of precious time ;)

Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco